Voluntary organization, aimed to assist Belarusians in Lithuania
Contact number: +370 6100 74 89
Our goal is to provide help to those, who face danger and threats from Belarusian authorities and have to leave their country, by assisting them in relocation to Lithuania.
We are aware, that defending one's civil rights in the "country for living" often leads to persecution. This keeps some people silent. And those who do not stay silent are forced to constantly watch out and live in fear that they and their loved ones should be punished for their views. This forces people to leave Belarus in an attempt to save their children and close ones. We support the desire of the Belarusian people to free themselves from the dictatorship and acquire democratic freedoms. We help people who are being persecuted in their fight against the regime.

The Republic of Lithuania has created conditions for Belarusians to find shelter here. "Dapamoga" helps them reach safety and adapt to life in a new territory. We help with housing, work, medical care and material support.

Leaving the country is not fleeing, but retreating
Squadrons of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania retreated from the field of the battle of Grunwald only to return with new forces and to prevail.

Please, spread information about Dapamoga, the members of which are eager to help Belarusians in need. We constantly hold events in solidarity with those who are currently fighting for our common freedom in Belarus. People have to know that they are not alone, we are together!
How we help
We function like ambulance. If you have to leave Belarus, we're at your service!
Detailed instructions on crossing the border
Guiding, housing and nutrition at the first stages
Assistance in adapting to life in Lithuania through the first month
Structure of Dapamoga
    Contact us:
    Phone: +370 6100 7489
    E-mail: info@dapamoga.lt
    Vilnius, Lietuva
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